GROWMARK Announces Class of 2021 Summer Interns

GROWMARK Announces Class of 2021 Summer Interns

Legacy internship program continues for its 62nd year

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (May 19, 2021) The GROWMARK/FS System welcomes 85 interns from across North America into its storied internship program. GROWMARK made it a point to continue its internship program last year through the pandemic by adapting to a virtual format, with socially distant hands-on experiences in the field. This year, GROWMARK is building upon that hybrid model with even more opportunities for its interns.

“We found the hybrid model helps our interns by bringing together the whole class on a more regular and efficient basis, especially since they are working at GROWMARK retail and subsidiaries and FS member cooperatives throughout North America,” said Kayla Tobias, GROWMARK Member and Student Recruiting Manager. “Students will be able to engage with industry professionals in-person on important projects and have the opportunity to clarify career goals, while we get exposed to some of the most talented students. These programs continue to be a key component in identifying and retaining top talent for the System.”

There are two tracks: the GROWMARK Interns are exposed to sales, accounting, marketing, and product and service-related activities. Each intern will complete a business-related project and deliver a presentation on their project at the conclusion of their internships, all while building professional relationships with FS locations and customers while learning the different products and services the GROWMARK System provides.

Interns in the Exploring Agriculture program will be focused on agronomy, energy and grain operations, equipment & technology for crop scouting, assisting with facility and equipment maintenance & repair, and building professional relationships with FS locations and customers while learning the different products and services the GROWMARK System provides.



The GROWMARK program interns, serving GROWMARK, FS, and Southern States Cooperative companies come from:

Fort Hays State University, KS

  • Ryan St. Peters, St. Clair Service Company

Highland Community College, IL

  • Charleese Faulkner, Carroll Service Company

Illinois College, IL

  • Andrew Phillips, Prairieland FS
  • Will Boyd, Western Grain Marketing

Illinois State University, IL

  • Isaac Brockman, FS Grain
  • Jacob Read, Ag-Land FS
  • Kent Girard, Christian County FS
  • Lia Lohnes, GROWMARK Inc.

Iowa State University, IA

  • Domanique Richardson, Illini FS
  • Gage Blythe, New Century FS
  • Griffen Jodlowski, Ag-Land FS
  • Kyle Lois, Conserv FS
  • Nicholas Banser, GRAINCO FS

Ivy Tech Community College

  • Colleen Jones, Heritage FS

Murray State University, KY

  • Mason Welden, Southern FS
  • Kyle Morrow, Southern States Cooperative

North Carolina State University, NC

  • Nathan Barrow, Southern States Cooperative
  • Natalie Rouse, Southern States Cooperative
  • Elliot Frasier, Southern States Cooperative

Northwest Missouri State University, MO

  • Tori Speer, West Central FS

Penn State University, PA

  • Gabrielle Henrichs, GROWMARK FS Mid-Atlantic

South Dakota State University, SD

  • Riley Zimmerman, GROWMARK FS Midwest

Southeast Missouri State University, MO

  • Taylor Lohmann, Gateway FS

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, IL

  • Addie Hemrich, Wabash Valley Service Company
  • Noah Kopplin, Total Grain Marketing

The Ohio State University, OH

  • Cole Weickert, Legacy Farmers Cooperative

Truman State University, MO

  • Jack Hunziker, Prairieland FS

University of Guelph, Ontario, CA

  • Megan McGrail, Wanstead Farmers Cooperative
  • Sadie Scott, Lucknow Cooperative

University of Illinois Champaign – Urbana, IL

  • John Rahn, Carroll Service Company
  • Sophie Wood, Illini FS

University of Kentucky, KY

  • Meghan Matlock, GROWMARK Inc.

University of Mount Olive, NC

  • Colby Bass, Southern States Cooperative

University of Wisconsin – River Falls, WI

  • Owen Zakrzewski, Insight FS

University of Wisconsin – Platteville, WI

  • Andrew Mitzelfelt, Insight FS
  • Colleen Johnson, Insight FS
  • Jacob Mathias, Insight FS
  • Jess Bishop, Insight FS
  • Joseph Erickson, Stephenson Service Company
  • Kilynn Perdue, Stephenson Service Company

Virginia Tech, VA

  • Ryan Wheatley, GROWMARK FS Mid-Atlantic
  • Mindi Freed, Southern States Cooperative

Western Illinois University, IL

  • Brian Bohannon, Conserv FS
  • Drew Stayton, M&M Service Company
  • Hannah Carlock, Sunrise FS

Western Kentucky University, KY

  • Logan Elder, Southern States Cooperative


The Exploring Agriculture interns, serving FS companies come from:

Blackhawk Technical College, WI

  • Ryan Stilen, Insight FS
  • Trevor Bausch, Insight FS

Des Moines Area Community College, IA

  • Carson Scheidegger, New Century FS

Fox Valley Technical College, WI

  • Ryan Lindblom, Insight FS

Hawkeye Community College, IA

  • Brandon Reiher, AgVantage FS
  • Eryn Lindell, AgVantage FS
  • Roland ten Hoeve, AgVantage FS

Heartland Community College, IL

  • Joshua Hardman, Evergreen FS

Highland Community College, IL

  • Addison Keltner, Stephenson Service Company

Illinois Central College, IL

  • Maddy Forney, Evergreen FS

Illinois College, IL

  • Katie Elmore, Prairieland FS

Illinois State University, IL

  • Brody Ulrey, Evergreen FS
  • Ryan Held, Christian County FS

Iowa State University, IA

  • Garhett Allen, Ag-Land FS
  • Anthony Pasquesi, Conserv FS
  • Burton Hess, GRAINCO FS
  • Jace Wiemers, GROWMARK FS Midwest

John A Logan College, IL

  • Jessie Lewis, Southern FS

Lake Land College, IL

  • Dawson Phillips, Wabash Valley Service Company

Murray State University, KY

  • Brady Gaddis, Illini FS

Northeast Community College, NE

  • Mason Schaefer, GROWMARK FS Midwest
  • Nolan Klug, GROWMARK FS Midwest

Northwest Missouri State University, MO

  • Jayleigh Peuster, West Central FS

The Ohio State University, OH

  • Jacob Keller, Legacy Farmers Cooperative
  • Maddie Heuerman, Legacy Farmers Cooperative
  • Matthew Roth, Legacy Farmers Cooperative

Parkland Community College, IL

  • Levi Zimmerman, Evergreen FS

Truman State University, MO

  • Gus Williams, Prairieland FS

University of Guelph, Ontario, CA

  • Jenna Delaey, AGRIS Cooperative
  • Aaron Canfield, FS PARTNERS

University of Illinois Champaign – Urbana, IL

  • Megan Wiesbrock, Ag-Land FS
  • Jacob Wiesbrock, GRAINCO FS
  • Reagan Kulenkamp, M&M Service Company

University of Wisconsin – River Falls, WI

  • Ethan Gredan, Insight FS

University of Wisconsin – Platteville

  • Karl Durrant, Insight FS
  • Kyle Haldiman, Insight FS
  • Zachary Bednar, Insight FS

Wabash Valley College, IL

  • Alec Fewkes, Wabash Valley Service Company
  • Eric Williams, Wabash Valley Service Company


Chris Grogan Manager, Publications and Media Relations, GROWMARK, Inc.


About GROWMARK, Inc.

About GROWMARK, Inc:

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