GROWMARK Continues Sustainability Efforts with 2020 endure Program

GROWMARK Continues Sustainability Efforts with 2020 endure Program

As wildfires ravage the West and another hurricane leaves damage along the Gulf Coast, scientists say the effects of climate change are getting more dangerous. The GROWMARK System is growing its endure sustainability initiative in 2020 and beyond to promote positive environmental change in all of the communities we serve.  

As one of the pioneers of Pollinator Plots and Monarch Butterfly habitats, GROWMARK has provided seed to more than 270 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, and community organizations to start pollinator plots. In addition, more than 65 FS and grain member companies have planted plots to encourage bee growth since 2015.  

Seedway, a wholly owned subsidiary of GROWMARK, headquartered in New York state sells self-contained bumblebee hives for customers to pollinate a wide range of open-field crops. Seedway also engages its communities through the donation of seeds to schools and other organizations.  

“We are an organization which has long fostered specific care of our agricultural resources and that includes how we endure,” says GROWMARK CEO Jim Spradlin. “We learn from nature. We learn from the best of science. We learn from experience. With sustainability at our core, we continue to adopt new approaches that will carry us forward.”  

GROWMARK is also a member of several key water quality initiatives across the United States, with a goal of helping farmer customers use more sustainable actions on their individual farms.  

You can learn more about GROWMARK’s ongoing sustainability efforts here.

Chris Grogan Manager, Publications and Media Relations, GROWMARK, Inc.


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About GROWMARK, Inc:

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