GROWMARK/FS Celebrates 2020 Illinois Master Farmers

“Master Farmers embody the qualities and competencies of this noble profession”

GROWMARK celebrates the work of five Illinois producers just named 2020 Master Farmers by Prairie Farmer magazine.

Since 2009, GROWMARK has sponsored the award that dates back to 1925, right around the time cooperatives started organizing in Illinois and across the Midwest.

“Prairie Farmer is grateful to GROWMARK for its continued financial support of the Master Farmer awards,” said Holly Spangler, senior editor of Prairie Farmer. “Since 2009, GROWMARK has provided the financial assistance necessary to continue the program.”

GROWMARK’s commitment to caring for the local ag community dovetails with Prairie Farmer’s mission to maintain the heritage and honor of the Master Farmer awards. The same holds true in 2020, as Prairie Farmer and GROWMARK honor five new Master Farmers because their actions and beliefs, both on and off the farm, capture the essence of this award.

“It’s an honor to sponsor this prestigious award,” said Jim Spradlin, GROWMARK CEO. “Individuals recognized as Master Farmers embody the qualities and competencies of this noble profession we are so proud to serve.”

You can find out more about the winners here:

FS/GROWMARK also sponsors the Master Farmer programs in Iowa (Wallaces Farmer), Wisconsin (Wisconsin Agriculturist) and the Mid-Atlantic states (American Agriculturist).


The 2020 Master Farmers are Ted Mottaz, Elmwood (left); Joe Pickrell, Buffalo; Susan and John Adams, Atlanta; and Dale Hadden, Jacksonville. Photo is courtesy of Prairie Farmer magazine. 

About GROWMARK, Inc.

About GROWMARK, Inc:

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